website overhaul 2020

I've been in the process over the last several months of giving my website a complete overhaul. For some time, I've been using a Joomla template, and felt it was time to give things an update.

After looking at the current template and new templates, I decided on switching to a different template. After getting started, I quickly realized the process was going to be a bit more involved as some of the technology had changed and therefore the website needed a complete rebuild, almost from scratch.

The new website has many of the the features that the previous website had, with updates to products. For example, I have quite a large inventory of work also available for purchase on Rather than limit the works to what is not for sale on Saatchi, I created direct links to the work on Saatchi, allowing purchase there.

I'm also manually adding in old blog articles so the new site has all the history that the previous site had.

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