visiting artist and juror @ USD

On Monday, January 22, I'll be in Vermillion, SD visiting the school where I got my MFA in painting. I'll be there as a visiting artist, and to juror the annual Stilwell student exhibit.

I'll be doing a lecture Monday evening at 6:00 p.m., and spending most of the day Tuesday, January 23, jurying the exhibit. It will great to see some friends and faculty there that I knew and have kept in touch with. I will also be working with one of the printmaking classes to do some collaborative work with the students, as well as doing some studio visits/critiques with the grad students.

Things didn't go quite as planned, the day I planned to travel (Sunday) there was a snow storm warning. Unsure what would happen, I decided to leave early to avoid bad weather. It was snowing pretty good by the time I arrived, so I checked into the hotel and got some food and a beer. As things turned out, USD canceled classes Monday, so my two day visit was cut dramatically short. I only had time for a short visiting artist lecture and to jury the Stilwell student exhibit. I was looking forward to participating in some classes and doing some studio visits with grad students, but unfortunately that did not happen.

While I was there, I was videotaped talking about my jury process and why I selected what I did, this was played later in the week during the opening reception of the exhibition. This was something that was planned in advance as the reception was scheduled that weekend.

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