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Yesterday, I was honored to have been selected as a juror for the Minnetonka Center for the Arts annual juried exhibit. I spent the morning and part of afternoon with another juror at the gallery, looking through a large number of paintings, sculptures, photos, etc.

Here's a statement I wrote to share with all the artists who entered and participated in the exhibit...

It was a pleasure to serve as a juror for this year’s MCFTA Member Show. On walking into the gallery in the morning, I was overwhelmed by all the excellent work overflowing the space, and knew that it was going to be a challenge to decide what to leave in and what to take out. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone, as I was able to work another juror. The process began slowly as Bob Cozzolino and I began by individually voting which pieces to take out; pieces we both voted on were removed. Through the process, we would visit with each other about pieces that were voted on by one of us, why it should stay in or how it fit in the exhibit. Pieces were also moved around in the process as we looked at various styles or media together such as photography, ceramics, figurative painting, abstract painting, etc., which also helped us make decisions about the show, see which pieces worked together, and represented enough variety. Awards were also voted on in a similar way, each of us voted independently, then discussed these works and made the decision on how awards were given.

As a working artist, I’ve entered more juried exhibits than I’ve jurored, so I understand the satisfaction or excitement of being selected as well as the disappointment of not. I realize all the work entered represents hard work by the each of the individual artists, and hope that regardless of whether your work is represented in the exhibit or not, that you keep working diligently and passionately on your art. Finally, I’d like to say thanks to Bob and the MCFTA staff who helped make the process much smoother, and to Bob Cozzolino who was an excellent juror to work with.

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