A-Z endangered animals (ABC)

I'm excited to start a new series of work. What I'll be doing is an illustrated A-Z series of endangered animals... 

The series will be a continuation of recent experimentation of works on paper. The project should last around 10+ weeks, as each week I will work to complete 2 or 3 animals representing one letter of the alphabet, and here's where you come in! Weekly, I'll select a 3-4 endangered animals per letter, and through the website and social media, allow you to vote on which corresponding animal you'd like to see represent an individual letter. There will also be the option to write in your own suggestion.

After the voting ends, I'll choose one animal for each letter, based on either popular vote and/or balancing things out. During the week, I'll share shots of the work in progress along with more facts and other information about that animal. 

The works will be created using a combination of ink, acrylic, watercolor and color pencil.

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