Select works from 1998-1999. Click on image to see more info and larger view.

For me, art is a process of discovery and exploration of the world around me, what I conceive and misconceive. As an artist, I strive to make sense of the world, wrestling with ideas and beliefs, looking for connections and interrelationships between things.

This process of making art is very important. I begin each work with no idea of how the finished piece will look, allowing the marks and images on the surface to inform me as to where the painting needs to go. Having a finished piece is not my goal in starting a painting. Rather, it is the growth, self-awareness and discovery that comes from the process of making art.

The language of painting is very much like that of poetry or mythology, full of symbols and metaphors, of associations and emotions. As such, the images that I use are symbols or metaphors for a myriad of thoughts and ideas that are experienced in my personal life, or that develop through the process of painting. Birds, for example, are complex symbols that represent ideas such as flight, spirit, that of messengers, and of the journey through life.

I have also been intrigued with the complexities of how we perceive information and acquire knowledge, primarily through sight and sound. Humankind strives to understand the world though the senses, and where the senses leave off, devices are invented to amplify what would otherwise remain unknown. And where science cannot go, faith and imagination will.