I'm excited to start a new series of work. What I'll be doing is an illustrated A-Z series of endangered animals... 


UPDATE: MONDAY, APRIL 11: Sorry, suggestions are now closed. Please check back later after 12:00 pm CST to see what I've selected! I will pick one or two works, based on either what gets the most suggestions

It's time again to choose an animal for a weekly painting! I'll create a painting this week of the animal that receives the most votes. Please, only one vote per person. Voting will be open until Tuesday, June 8, 12:00 pm CST.

SORRY, VOTING HAS ENDED! Here are the results:


I met with Robb Murray on Tuesday, May 11 at the Arts Center of Saint Peter to look at and discuss my current exhibit, layered realities. Robb writes for the Mankato Free Press.


In conjunction with my current exhibit, layered realities at the Arts Center of Saint Peter, I'll be sitting down to chat with Ann Rosenquist Fee, director of the arts center. The interview will be broadcast on...

Layered Realities is now open at Arts Center of Saint Peter! The exhibit will run through May 29.


Excited to announce I'll be setting up another solo exhibit at the Arts Center of Saint Peter! This will be my third solo exhibit there. I've recently been exploring some ideas which will be featured in the exhibit.


So 2 weeks ago, I asked the question, "what would you like to see me paint this week?" on Facebook and Instagram, with the intention of creating one small painting that week based on one of the suggestions. The question generated a lot of great suggestions...

I’ve long used maps symbolically... maps represent the idea of journey...

It took me long enough, but I finally got signs up for the shop! The structure for the signs were already there, with brick columns and sign wall... 

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